Age Chart (Effective Fall 2015)**


Birthday on or after –

Birthday on or before-

U6          8/1/09          7/31/10
U7          8/1/08          7/31/09
U8          8/1/07          7/31/08
U9          8/1/06          7/31/07
U10          8/1/05          7/31/06
U11          8/1/04          7/31/05
U12          8/1/03          7/31/04
U13          8/1/02          7/31/03
U14          8/1/01          7/31/02
U15          8/1/00          7/31/01
U16          8/1/99          7/31/00
U17          8/1/98          7/31/99
U18          8/1/97          7/31/98
U19          8/1/96          7/31/97

** The letter “U” before number = Under (age)

We will be using as our online registration source.

If you are a first time player:

You must go to GotSoccer and create a player or family account first. Please do not create a Universal account unless you have several accounts to merge into one (Click on Instruction document below).  This makes the registration form easier to complete since it will fill in all of your information on the registration form for you.  If you already have an account, you need to login to that account first.  It will show you are already registered if you used it last year, but it is your last event that you were registered in. Then, while you are logged in to your account, you go to the “CLUB” tab at the top and search in FL for “CLERMONT FOOTBALL CLUB”.  You will then see under current programs “2015/16 Registration” and “Developmental or Competitive” (select whichever program you are registering for).

Please make sure you have your birth certificate – it must be scanned it and then uploaded under the “DOCUMENTS” tab in your Gotsoccer account. You will also need to upload a passport style photo (competitive only) for your player pass. If you do not have the birth certificate, we cannot register your child with the club. The FYSA (Florida Youth Soccer Association) requires that we have this information at the time of registration to ensure everyone is registered in the proper age bracket and has proper documentation for foreign born players.

Section 2 of 4 allows you to select your payment option based on age and type of team -Competitive or Developmental (In House).  This is the section in which you can select payment plans and discounts.

Payment plans are only available to registrations that are completed using a credit/debit card. If you have multiple children to register – choose the child with lowest registration fee first (if applicable) – then take the multiple child discount on the larger amount registration.

Thank you for understanding what is required for registration.


Instructions for registering on gotsoccer


Uniform fee covers the cost of our Competitive and/or Developmental uniform kit.

The Competitive kit includes 2 uniforms (Home and Away), 2 practice tees and a backpack with your player number ($125).

The Developmental kit includes jersey, short and socks ($25).