What is Clermont FC’s philosophy?

Our mission is to serve our community and families at the highest level possible. We pride ourselves in developing future leaders through a safe, fun, and competitive team-training environment. As the children grow within our program, they and their families develop lasting friendships that strengthen our community.

We will never make “false promises” of college scholarships and “bait and switch” team placements. For us, it is a passion, not a business.

If a child exceeds the level of our highest team for the appropriate age, we will continue to refer the family to a club that can facilitate that child’s level of play.

Several “former” CFC players are part of Orlando City’s Academy program, one of whom just signed a professional contract with OC.

Why do you conduct Player Evaluations?

At CFC, we attempt to place every athlete on a team based on their technical and tactical abilities. We aim to develop players by building teams at various skill levels. We use the evaluation system to ensure that no player is placed in a position that will hinder their development. We use these sessions as an opportunity to allow new players to help us continue to develop our successful program.

Can I play up in age?

Players may be able to “play up” with older players if deemed appropriate by the CFC Staff. In some cases, the CFC Staff may approve “playing up” to compete in a more suitable environment based on their skill level. CFC will adhere to the US and Florida Youth Soccer guidelines on playing up.

What session should I attend?

Please attend the session based on your year of birth. 

What should I bring to the Evaluations?

Each player should be prepared with cleats, shin guards, and plenty of water. 

What if I cannot attend any of the dates?

If you cannot attend any sessions, please email us at One of our Directors will contact you to arrange an evaluation and placement on a team. 

What if it rains?

Information will be communicated via email and posted on our website if applicable. 

Will I be required to pay a non-refundable deposit to secure my spot on a team?

We do not charge families any deposit to secure a spot with the club 

When will practice and games start?

Practices will commence in late July/early August. Games will begin in August or September, depending on your age/team. 

Where will I practice and play games?

Practices occur at fields within Clermont, and games will be at Hancock Park. 

Are your coaches compensated?

Yes, we issue a stipend to handle a coach’s expenses for travel and their valuable time. Our licensed parent coaches receive complimentary registration in place of a grant. We, unlike other clubs, DO NOT charge any additional monthly fees. CFC awards each team up to $500 toward entry into a tournament. The prices below are the total for the entire year (Fall and Spring).

Are your coaches licensed? **

CFC coaches are licensed through USSF (United States Soccer Federation), USCA (United Soccer Coaches of America), or both.

It is all about how the message is delivered and received.**Note - clubs will try to justify their fees based on the coach’s “level” of licensing. A few of the most successful coaches we have encountered have had either a low-level license or no license but were very experienced coaches. Bear in mind these are children playing a sport; they are not professional soccer players.

CFC’s registration fees are lower, but are the teams competitive compared to other clubs?

Yes, our teams have been very successful compared to the clubs throughout Central Florida.

In fact, within the last three years, we have had a U14 Girls Florida State Champion attend the National Championships in Colorado and a U15 Girls Semi-Finalist in Florida State Cup. A U13, U15, and U17 Boys Region B Champions, and more than a dozen tournament champions spread out throughout all age groups within the club.

Our teams play in leagues ranging from the GCFYSL to the Elite Sunshine Conference (which allows our top players to compete at the highest club level and be eligible to play High School Soccer with their school team). Other clubs/leagues do not allow their players the opportunity to represent the High School they attend.

In addition, we have a unique, direct network of hundreds of college coaches for our players should they wish to pursue that career path.

On the female side, we have a partnership with the WPSL’s Clermont Kicks that provides another avenue for playing at the highest amateur level while in college. Several former Kicks players have gone on to teams in the women’s professional soccer league, the NWSL.

Our focus, however, is on Holistic Development – all these players will be young adults, and our goal is to provide a positive environment that creates a path toward whatever opportunity they choose to pursue. The percentages are so low for soccer scholarships and professional soccer careers that most will not take that career path, so our goal is to facilitate in whatever area we can.