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Clermont Football Club (CFC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving the Central Florida community since 1992. The club provides top quality coaching and training, with an emphasis on keeping membership fees as low as possible; much lower than other area clubs.

The big debate when choosing a club is “What league will my child play in (MLS Elite, ECNL, FSPL, GCF etc.)?” From our experience, concentrate on the training environment, the consistency and intensity of his/her daily work before worrying about any of the above leagues. People chase acronyms (and throw thousands of dollars at it) when they should be focusing on what matters most, the daily grind of training, the competition within training and the work ethic away from the pitch (time spent training at home, not on Xbox, iPad, etc.). The leagues will not make your child better (an average youth player touches a ball less than 4 minutes of a total game). Choose an environment that focuses on training and development rather than league acronyms and you will find the key to your child’s success and happiness (and save a lot of money along the way). For more info, please click on the "About" tab at the top of the page and then "General Info".

We believe in Holistic Development and the benefits of team sports, such as Soccer, that encourage positive physical, mental, social and emotional growth. Our coaches possess extensive training in addition to years of playing experience up to and including Professional and National Team Levels. As the children grow within our program, they and their families develop lasting friendships that strengthen our community. We pride ourselves in developing future leaders through a safe, fun and competitive environment.